Sustainable timber selection for a better tomorrow

Wood is the ultimate choice for almost everything. From keeping you warm to your furniture, wood is the common term. But sustainability in timber products is the least common term used nowadays.
“Timber from a tree,” there is no questioning condition in this term. But this topic is quite complicated than just this line. We are losing sixty acres of forestry every minute. So, while you are breathing, thousands of trees are being cut down. And this growth is accelerating at a linear rate.

The consumption rate of wood can not be sustained. We might have other resources for our needs, but we always round back to the woods. Two reasons: availability and affordability. And besides blaming the industry, there is a group of people who survives through the forest.

Sustainable timber means balancing the forestry for woods. Lumber can be consumed while saving the forest as well. And there are several ways to maintain these moves—the balance of the sustainable forest between the consumers and the forest growth.
The basic of the sustainable timbers depends on different aspects. And sustainable wood is related to sustainable forests.

Timber sourcing
FSC is a global solution to stop the destruction of ecosystems and environments. Start with collecting sustainable timber from the forests that are certified by the FSC. Collecting wood from these sources can do two things. First, they cut down the trees that reached maturity. And the second is, they plant more trees in the place of old ones. And the leftovers work like biomass—a win-win situation for everyone.

Sustainable timber selection for a better tomorrow

While you are collecting timber for construction or any other products, select the wood according. Harvesting the right tree will provide the right wood, which will also allow the forestry to stay intact. Destroying a huge area without any outcome will not result finely. A mapped and identified management system can prevent such destructive consequences.

Tree plantation
If you are looking forward to collecting timbers, think about the future for once. Sustainability always links up to balance. Once you get a piece, you need more to fill up its place. And this is where planting more trees on the way play an important role. Degraded and deforested lands can be improved by planting trees. And this will also be a way to your future.

Safe logging
If you are collecting timber, make sure that you don’t harm the other trees as well. Not all trees are suited for timber collection. You don’t even need all the trees in that place. So, collect the logs without causing huge chaos in the forest. This can change a lot for sustainable forest timber.

Training employees will change the way you collect timbers. Well-trained workers will ensure not to cause damage to the area. They have to keep in mind that they must protect the woods. And that’s how little by little forest can be sustained even if the consumption rate hasn’t gone down.

Local communities
Lastly, support and respect the local communities. These people know their place more than anyone. They and their forefathers lived and harvested in these forests. They know the best of their land and will not do anything that can harm the forest itself. And this is crucial to increase sustainable forest development.

Sustainably sourced timber is one of the best steps to reduce mismanagement and chaos in the environment. And everyone in the world must make haste for saving their woods.