Sustainable Wooden Windows

How are Wooden Framed Windows Made?

Wooden framed windows are not a new phenomenon. They have been a significant part of homes and property for a long time. Take a look at period homes and properties, and you will not fail to notice how these windows were widely used. For a house or property to look elegant, you must ensure that your window frames are perfectly made. The process of making a wooden framed window needs a great deal of consideration. Mainly, the wood you are using to make your window frames is an essential point to consider. Again, the process of turning a wooden trunk into a window frame is essential. Keep reading to learn more about how wooden framed windows are made.

What Is Needed in Making Wooden Framed Windows?

The most important material needed to make wooden windows are wood. It can either be hardwood or softwood. Fundamentally hardwoods are heavier and denser, while softwoods are lighter and less dense. If you opt for hardwood, here are some of the best hardwoods you can choose from Red Grandis, Oak, and Sapele. If you decide to have a softwood timber framed window, you can select from the following: Siberian Larch, Redwood, and Accoya. The other things you will require to make the window include a table saw, a mitre saw, a mitre gauge, clamps, exterior caulk, a 3/4-inch dado blade, and wood glue.

The Process of Making a Wooden Window Frame From Sustainable Wood

  1. Measure the depth of the window opening from the inside to the outside. Make sure that the drywall and the outside siding are part of the measurement. Ensure that the piece of timber to be used is cut to the correct size using a table saw.
  2. Next, cut four pieces of wood in line with the window opening dimensions using a mitre saw.
  3. Using an inch dado blade placed on the table saw, cut the four pieces of timber. The cut should be two-inch down the middle of the four pieces. The cut ensures that the window is perfectly fit in the interior.
  4. Again, use the blade to make a one-by-one-inch cut across the edges of each of the four pieces of wood. The cuts should be perpendicular. The mitre gauge helps in ensuring that the cuts are made at a 90-degree angle dimension. This is a crucial step in making the joints that will be used to join the frame together.
  5. Hold the frame using clamps and then know the dimensions of the window (length and width). It is these measurements that one uses to buy the right window.

The process of making wooden windows is very detailed. From the timber to be used to the tools needed to make the frame, you have to get everything right to have a quality finish. Depending on your needs, you can either choose to go for hardwood or softwood timber. Given that making a window requires a precise process that you might not be conversant with, you should get professionals to do the work for you. Through this, you are guaranteed a well-made timber framed window.

Watch a Video on YouTube on how to make wooden framed sash windows:

Getting Wooden Windows Installed In Your Home

Window installation is as important as any other process. For a quality job, ensure that your home’s window installation process is done right. Windows can either be delivered to your home when fully finished or have the glazing and finishing at the site. The better option is to order factory-finished windows. Whereas you can choose to install the windows on your own, you should involve professionals in this process because of the high level of equipment needed and also the expertise required to do a quality job. As long as professionals are involved, it shouldn’t be a problematic process. Removing old windows and replacing them with new ones is a process that professionals are accustomed to, so you are guaranteed a quality outcome.

What Is The Process All About?

Essentially, you should have the windows at the site as close to the fitting time as possible. This will help prevent any damage. Avoid using metal containers as this can cause damage to your windows as a result of excessive heat. Again, make sure that the room where you are storing the windows is not damp. This will also help to prevent damage caused by excessive moisture. Fundamentally, the quality of your windows should remain high as you install them. So, make sure that you store them properly, in the right place, before the installation process begins. Of great importance still, installation of a new window should be done on the same day that an old window is removed. You would rather have an old window occupy that space until a new one occupies it instead of leaving it unattended. In other words, the replacement should be simultaneous.

How Long Does It Take To Remove Old Windows and Install New Ones

On average, it takes the utmost 1 hour to replace a window. So, it’s possible for the team of professionals in your home will install between 10-12 windows in a day. If your property has 20 windows, it will take two days to install all of them. Thus, the amount of time and work required depends on the size of your property. To reiterate, the process of removing old windows and replacing them with new ones should be simultaneous. This should not be a problem because you are working with a crew of professional window installers. The job is always easier when one crew set removes the old windows as the other installs the new ones. As the removal of old windows and replacing the same happens concurrently, you will notice that your home will soon become a busy place without any need for supervision. After the installation process is complete, make sure that you clean up the area and remove any debris.

The choice of installing wooden windows in your home is, undoubtedly, a great idea. Professionally installed wooden windows will always leave your property looking elegant and beautiful. Therefore, you would instead hire the best to do this job for you if you don’t have the required experience and equipment to do it on your own. Give your team of professionals all they need, and they will elevate the value of your home with expertly installed wooden windows.


Sustainable timber selection for a better tomorrow

Wood is the ultimate choice for almost everything. From keeping you warm to your furniture, wood is the common term. But sustainability in timber products is the least common term used nowadays.
“Timber from a tree,” there is no questioning condition in this term. But this topic is quite complicated than just this line. We are losing sixty acres of forestry every minute. So, while you are breathing, thousands of trees are being cut down. And this growth is accelerating at a linear rate.

The consumption rate of wood can not be sustained. We might have other resources for our needs, but we always round back to the woods. Two reasons: availability and affordability. And besides blaming the industry, there is a group of people who survives through the forest.

Sustainable timber means balancing the forestry for woods. Lumber can be consumed while saving the forest as well. And there are several ways to maintain these moves—the balance of the sustainable forest between the consumers and the forest growth.
The basic of the sustainable timbers depends on different aspects. And sustainable wood is related to sustainable forests.

Timber sourcing
FSC is a global solution to stop the destruction of ecosystems and environments. Start with collecting sustainable timber from the forests that are certified by the FSC. Collecting wood from these sources can do two things. First, they cut down the trees that reached maturity. And the second is, they plant more trees in the place of old ones. And the leftovers work like biomass—a win-win situation for everyone.

Sustainable timber selection for a better tomorrow

While you are collecting timber for construction or any other products, select the wood according. Harvesting the right tree will provide the right wood, which will also allow the forestry to stay intact. Destroying a huge area without any outcome will not result finely. A mapped and identified management system can prevent such destructive consequences.

Tree plantation
If you are looking forward to collecting timbers, think about the future for once. Sustainability always links up to balance. Once you get a piece, you need more to fill up its place. And this is where planting more trees on the way play an important role. Degraded and deforested lands can be improved by planting trees. And this will also be a way to your future.

Safe logging
If you are collecting timber, make sure that you don’t harm the other trees as well. Not all trees are suited for timber collection. You don’t even need all the trees in that place. So, collect the logs without causing huge chaos in the forest. This can change a lot for sustainable forest timber.

Training employees will change the way you collect timbers. Well-trained workers will ensure not to cause damage to the area. They have to keep in mind that they must protect the woods. And that’s how little by little forest can be sustained even if the consumption rate hasn’t gone down.

Local communities
Lastly, support and respect the local communities. These people know their place more than anyone. They and their forefathers lived and harvested in these forests. They know the best of their land and will not do anything that can harm the forest itself. And this is crucial to increase sustainable forest development.

Sustainably sourced timber is one of the best steps to reduce mismanagement and chaos in the environment. And everyone in the world must make haste for saving their woods.