Rebecca Beinart – The Forest of Lost Trees

November 11, 2016

Drawing on the performative potential of one-to-one human encounters, Beinart’s proposal for Jerwood Open Forest is a journey into the forest to meet multiple narrators, who would present interwoven stories that transport you to different eras and places. Having researched our cultural experience of forests and trees, Beinart taps into generational knowledge – asking what we choose to remember and pass on, and how this shapes our actions. Stories ranging from the tale of a unique whitebeam, 1990’s road protests, Victorian plant hunters, and replanted post-mining ‘Pit Woods’ would come together, drawing common threads from disparate narratives. Beinart reflects on the sense of time forestry connects us with, as one generation sows a seed, only the next can see to fruition.

Right: Rebecca Beinart pictured with her Ceramic Vessels, shown as part of the Jerwood Open Forest exhibition at Jerwood Space, London (2 November – 11 December 2016). This emotive piece is a distillation of Rebecca’s Research and Development period. Photo © Hydar Dewachi.