Magz Hall – Whispering Trees

November 15, 2016

Magz Hall’s Whispering Trees present the forest as a site for the transmission of our dreams. Hall is fascinated with the early history of radio, including its military use, General Owen Squire the inventor of ‘muzak’ and the historic use of radio in forests to warn of forest fires. Hall invites exhibition audiences into a specially constructed dreamspace to 
listen to the recollections of anonymous dreams; both our aspirations and recollections from our subconscious. As 
we relax we are transported into another landscape through these intricately recalled and constructed soundscapes.

Hall’s proposal for Jerwood Open Forest invites the public to contribute to a bank of dreams, whereby participants of all ages record their hopes, fears and desires recalled and collected in a forest recording dreamspace. This dream bank would be curated by Hall and transmitted as a series of soundscapes for forest visitors
 to discover amongst the trees. Hall 
invites us to find the frequency and
 tune in to transmissions broadcast
from the trees themselves. Hall has
 designed a new form of tree based 
radio transmission, offering the 
public Goodman’s radios to tune into 
while they gather for a radio picnic
 or simply to listen to the broadcasts. 
The forest itself becomes the site 
of recording and reflection as well 
as the technical transmitter of our dreams.

Right: Magz Hall with her installation at Jerwood Space, London. Image © Hydar Dewachi

Jerwood Open Forest runs from 2 November – 11 December 2016 at Jerwood Space, London