David Turley -10,162 + 1,370

December 7, 2016

David Turley’s installation recalls the creation of a forest, inspired by the true story and lived experience of a forestry worker in 1947. Turley’s source material is faithfully documented in a diary from that year, found in a suitcase he purchased at a deceased estate auction in Australia. Amongst the ephemera from this man’s life, the diary carefully records his daily activities in post-war Britain; he plants 10,162 trees in Orlestone Forest in Kent that year. Turley has crafted two gallery benches milled from a tree felled in Orlestone Forest. They are copies of a Martin Visser bench owned by the artist and originally designed as gallery seating for the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam. From here we are invited to reflect on Turley’s paintings as records of his time – his daily practice.

Image: David Turley, Jerwood Open Forest exhibition 2016, installation view. Image © Hydar Dewachi